\ Got A Business? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Need a Credit Union\


Here at Telcoe, we're proud to be local! Our members can be found all over the state, and many of them first discovered us through one of the amazing businesses around you'll find all over Arkansas. Since 1950, we've proudly partnered with small businesses, Arkansas-owned and operated companies, hospitals, corporations, and organizations of all categories and sizes. Wherever you are, we can reach you. If you own or manage a local business, or if you're simply interested in ways that a federal credit union can benefit you or your employees, here are four reasons why you need Telcoe in your corner.


#1 - We Can Help Improve Your Company's Bottom Line

Research indicated that profits go down $400 per employee when they carry the stress of their financial problems to work. Telcoe offers a number of programs to help employees save money and become financially successful. The partnership between a credit union and a company is much more than yet another bottom line in the overall benefits package.

#2 - Increase The Productivity Of Your Company\'92s Employees

Studies show that employee productivity - including the quantity and quality of employee performance - rises when employees improve their financial wellness. Telcoe offers employees several options to achieve their financial goals.

#3 -  Improve Your Company\'92s Overall Image

When a credit union is able to assist an employee to achieve financial goals, your company shares in the goodwill created in the mind of the employee.

# 4 - Lower Your Company\'92s Administrative Costs

Studies show that administrative costs decrease 20 to 30% when an organization offers a members' credit union to their employees. It also indicates that these companies show reduced absenteeism and reduced turnover rates.

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