Get To Know Your Credit Union - Meet Holly


Each month, we'll be shining the spotlight on one of our incredible team members here at Telcoe Federal Credit Union. Get to know Holly, our Mortgage Underwriter and Loan Officer!


How long have you been with Telcoe?

I've been with Telcoe since 1989, joining the company fresh out of college. I took a few years off to raise my kids, but then I started up full-time again - and here I am!

Why did you choose Telcoe?

I earned a finance degree in college, and Telcoe has allowed me to work directly with loans and finances. Over the years, I have served our credit card, accounting, loan, and mortgage departments.

What services do you provide at Telcoe?

I currently provide a variety of loan services to our members, and I specialize in mortgage loans. I counsel and guide members through the prequalification process, and I also discuss their overall credit health and help them prepare to buy their homes.

What is the best financial advice you've ever received?

Start contributing to a 401(k) as early as you can. Start when you're young!

Why should everyone use a credit union?

For starters, they are not as departmentalized as a bank. Many credit unions provide the same services as the bank around the corner. Credit unions suffer from the misconception that they don't offer the same services as a megabank, but they do - and do it even better!

What sets Telcoe apart?

You'll discover a very personal experience here at Telcoe because we are a small business. When you give us a call, you will most likely talk to familiar people. It goes both ways, though...we know our members by name, too!

What does "local" mean to you?

To me, local means being able to talk to the same people when you give us a call instead of speaking with a stranger from a call center.

Tell us something really, really fun about yourself.

I love to travel! My family and I go skiing in Colorado and we visit lakes here in Arkansas.

What advice do you have for those looking to join Telcoe?

Telcoe has very competitive rates and we don't work on commission. We want to be your local financial institution!

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