\ The Telcoe Federal Credit Union Home Buying Process\



Meet Karla with Telcoe Federal Credit Union, and get to know our home buying process and how it works!

If you've been looking to purchase or refinance a home, we'll help get you home with our competitively low mortgage rates. For more information, call our mortgage loans department at 501-375-5321 or visit us online!

Why A Credit Union? 

Credit unions are not-for-profit, community institutions. Large bank chains tend to see their customers as one individual trail of numbers in their massive bottom line. At Telcoe, our members aren't just co-owners in this enterprise. They're our friends and neighbors. This is why we put any additional monthly earnings right back into Telcoe in the form of higher deposit rates, lower loan rates, anytime-access services, and tons of other educational resources that keep your accounts secure and growing. If you're looking to break free of the bank and join a members' credit union or have further questions about credit union loans, contact us by clicking the button below!

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