Get to Know Your Credit Union - Meet Amanda


Each month, we'll be shining the spotlight on one of our incredible team members here at Telcoe Federal Credit Union. Get to know Amanda, our Business Development and Marketing Specialist!

How long have you been with Telcoe?

All together, a little over 4 years. I originally started with Telcoe on July 5, 2010, but I left my position on December 5, 2014 when my husband was relocated to Texas for his military service. I came back on July 21, 2015 to train new hires and have been with Telcoe ever since! I now work part time from San Angelo, Texas.


Why did you choose Telcoe?

My professional background involves sales and marketing. While in college, I worked at Pier One Imports as an assistant manager. I was in charge of the store, employee training, daily sales goals, and setting up floor sets. Once I graduated, I heard through family friends that Telcoe was hiring. Of course, I submitted my resume and heard back from them the next day. I was hired! I chose to work at Telcoe because it's truly a locally-run business. I have a true desire to serve our sales and marketing department because I'm a total people person! 

What services do you provide at Telcoe?

I offer an array of services here at Telcoe. I travel the entire state of Arkansas, visiting with over 350 select employer groups discussing the products and services that we offer. Throughout the year, I am busy attending open enrollments, scheduling additional Telcoe visits with groups, making cold calls, working on marketing material, and helping out wherever needed! In addition to marketing and business development, I stay busy opening new accounts, as well as bringing in loans to the Consumer and Mortgage Departments. You can say I kind of serve as the \'93Face of Telcoe\'94 when I travel to meet our employer groups!


What is the best financial advice you've ever received?

The best financial advice I ever received was \'93If you don\'92t have the money, then you don\'92t need it." Credit cards are not the answer!

Why should everyone use a credit union?

I believe everyone should use a credit union because they offer way more benefits than just ordinary banking at a bank on the corner. They're run by its members, so we get a bigger return on our savings accounts and lower interest rates on loans.  Not to mention, the staff is always so friendly at Telcoe!

What sets Telcoe apart?

I believe Telcoe sets itself apart from other credit unions by simply being itself. We don't try to keep up with others. We simply offer the best for our members. We are like a big family, and our members can see that. When members call us to check their account or come in to see us, we know their faces and names!

What does "local" mean to you?

To me, it means you simply receive better business.

Tell us something really, really fun about yourself.

It's so fun that I get to work from San Angelo, Texas while everyone else is back in Arkansas!

What advice do you have for those looking to join Telcoe?

If you want a better banking experience, come on over to Telcoe and see why many of our members have been with us for over 50 years! We offer the best rates, best customer service, and the best products in the business.


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