\ New Year, New Savings - 7 Easy Ways to Save Money Quickly This Year\



The new year is a great time to make changes that improve your life. And who doesn't want to save money? Here are 7 quick and efficient tips to help you save money in 2016.

Don\'92t purchase expensive items on impulse. Yes, that new handbag or HDTV would provide some hard to beat immediate gratification, but think it over for at least 24 hours. You\'92ll make a smarter decision and have fewer regrets about impulse purchases.

See where your money is going. Track your paper trail to monitor all that you\'92ve purchased, then ask yourself if it makes sense to reallocate some of your cash to other budgets or to save it. Mint.com has a great free tool to track your expenditures.

Floss, daily. Good preventative dental care will go a long way to help prevent fillings, root canals, and dental crowns which put a dent in the wallet and are no fun.

Buy online in bulk. There are several new businesses that provide this service and a lot offer free shipping on large orders. Savings can be found on non-perishable groceries and more. Check out ThriveMarket.com to save money.

Pack your lunch box. We all know by eating out you\'92ll spend more money. If buying lunch at work costs $10.00, but making lunch at home costs only $5.00, you\'92ll save $1,000 annually. Perfect for an emergency fund.

Use window coverings to block or let in sunshine. During the winter, open the coverings to let the sun provide some natural warmth. In summer, block out the sunlight and keep your house cool. This practice will switch up the look of your home and also provide savings of over $100 annually.

Find free or inexpensive entertainment. Check the web, newspapers, and keep your ears open for different unique entertainment experiences around your community. A lot of the time different museums, film showings, and sporting events will have a low-cost promotion going on.

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