Anxious About Buying A New Car?


Stress is the last thing you need. Don\'92t let buying a new vehicle contribute to that.

There are many of us who are ready to take the step to owning a new vehicle, but do you find that you\'92re feeling anxious about going to the dealer\'92s lot? Well, we can take the edge off with these 3 stress-free auto-buying tips:

1. Before you go to the dealership:

2. At the dealership: 

  • Make a plan to test drive a car and then leave the lot immediately
  • Negotiating should wait until you can spend more time researching online after you\'92ve already taken the test drive and kicked the tiresGet pre-approved

3. Get pre-approved

  • Know your credit score
  • Offer a CASH price for the vehicle by getting pre-approved with Telcoe FCU before you shop. 

Getting an auto loan from Telcoe takes the stress out of your car purchase for life! With low rates and flexible repayment terms, you\'92ll enjoy easy payments for the term of your loan. Plus, we offer theses special protection products to take the worry out of your loan.

  1. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
  2. Extended Warranties
  3. Payment Protection

At Telcoe Federal Credit Union, you will find that we make the entire process easy for you and we cater to your needs. We want to talk about what is best for you and help you buy that car without any stress!